Rosa Argent, Communication & Partnership Manager
International Federation of Anti-Leprosy Associations (ILEP)
Annual report design and layout
I have moved jobs, sectors and now countries (from one side of the world to the other) and I’m still working with Debbie. 
She designed the ILEP Annual Report 2017 for online publication.  We needed her to give the report a refresh but still use our existing brand identities (ILEP and the Triple Zero campaign brand architecture) i.e. more modern, image-led and easy to read on screen.  
Debbie brought some great design solutions to me that really gave the data & copy heavy sections a lift. She also managed to incorporate the two brand identities in a way that looked seamless, but I know is very challenging to do.
The ILEP annual report is a work in progress so we haven’t had any member feedback yet.  However, the infographics she created for us for World Leprosy Day 2018 were very well received by our members, and widely shared across social media platforms.
Debbie is a pleasure to work with and brings creative solutions to communication challenges. She also understands the NGO world and her clients’ needs extremely well, and consistently delivers high quality work. I have no hesitation in continuing to work with Debbie in the future.  
Donna Clifford, Party Secretary 
The Opportunities Party (TOP)
Political Party branding
Leading up to the 2017 general election we were looking for a way to stand out. As a new political party we needed material to make people think, and encourage them to vote for TOP.  
We had worked with Debbie on previous projects and she was our first choice for this new endeavor. She was involved with everything, from logo design, brochures, flyers, and flags, through to vehicle wraps and document design for web pages.  
To launch all of this material, timeframes were often tight, and extremely important. What drew us to use Debbie was her ability to provide a very quick turnaround, and her ability to work extremely well under pressure. She was always calm and collected, and made sure to work with us when we suggested design changes. It definitely felt like a partnership rather than a client/designer relationship.  
In the end, although we didn’t get the result we would have liked in the election, we did get the result we wanted from Debbie’s work. Not only is she a one-stop design shop, Debbie also managed the printing and production aspects of our work. We look forward to continuing our working relationship with her. 
Yvonne Shelton, Events Manager
Conference collateral
The key for me is to have a designer who sees themselves as stakeholders in the project. I want someone that can take a holistic view of things and tie everything together. 
Especially when I’m organizing conferences and have so many things to focus on. That’s one of Debbie’s strengths. She makes sure everything flows, from signage, to handbooks, right down to name badges.  She’ll ring me up to ask how things are going. Those little touches make it a partnership rather than designer client relationship.
What I value with Debbie is that I’ll say to her, “I think it should be something like this”, and she’ll come up with multiple options. She sticks to the brief but is always looking at other ways that might work better. To me that is very much appreciated.  I’ve used other design agencies before, and they didn’t go into the same detail Debbie does.
When I’ve been organizing something for months and I’m trying to pull everything together, things can slip. Debbie is great at letting me know when I need to provide her things if we want to meet our deadlines. It takes the stress away from that part of the conference.   
I would employ Debbie over and over.  Her knowledge of design and the whole process is invaluable.  
Charlotte Kelly, Supporter Communications
WWF-New Zealand
Brand development, annual report and magazine design
The most recent project Debbie worked on for us was our Annual Report.  These types of documents can be a little prescriptive, i.e. there are certain things they must contain, like financials.  However, there is a great deal of latitude on the rest of the design.  
We sat down with Debbie and looked at examples of other reports and worked out what we liked and didn’t like.  From there Debbie built up a picture of what we wanted.  
Debbie came back to us with some ideas, which added an extra level of inspiration to the project.  Overall the finished product exceeded our expectations.  
What we really like is Debbie’s flexibility.  While she hits all her deadlines, she is always willing to look at ways to better manage time, and ensure the project stays within budget.  
The internal feedback has been fantastic.  Our Chief Executive loves the clever design and image led result.  
Debbie really understands what we are trying to achieve, and we will continue to work with her in the future.
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